Fix Error 429 in Windows 8 PCs

Error 429 is a Windows runtime error that occurs in Windows 8 as well. This error occurs when system files are corrupt. Computer users may experience it while launching certain applications. Due to this error code a program/application in process would crash and/or shutdown immediately.

Three major causes of this irritant runtime error 429 in Windows 8 are corrupt system or application files, corrupt Windows script in Registry and the virus attack in system. Solutions are given below to get rid of it.


Update DirectX:

Out-of-date DirectX version can cause error 429 in Windows 8. Follow the steps given below to update DirectX.

Repair system files

Corrupt system files are one of the reasons of error 429. Follow the below-mentioned steps to repair your system files:

Re-register DAO350.dll file:

One big reason for error 429 in Windows 8 is corrupt MS Office file. The DAO350.dll file is one of the MS Office application files that cause this error. Proper functioning of this file is essential to run the application properly. You may re-register this file by following the steps given below:

You may locate DAO350.dll file from a system where MS Office application is working fine or you can download this file from FTP address

Re-set Internet Explorer settings:

Inappropriate Internet Explorer settings may also cause error 429 in Windows 8. Follow the steps given here under to set Internet Explorer setting properly:

Run security software for virus scan:

Sometimes, a virus attack can cause error 429 in Windows 8. Full virus scan with effective security software can resolve this problem. You are required to perform a scan through some good antivirus software to get rid of viruses that cause runtime errors.

Scan your system for Windows Registry error:

Windows Registry is one of the major reasons of almost all system errors. Error 429 occurs due to corrupt, broken and deleted file information of Windows Script in Registry. Follow the steps given below to scan and fix Windows Registry errors:

Uninstall and reinstall the particular application:

Mostly error 429 occurs because of Microsoft Office corrupt files. You are required to un-install MS office or any other program/application due to which you are facing this error and re-install it again. It will fix Windows 8 error code 429. Follow the steps given below to un-install and re-install the program:

Restore your system:

Sometimes system updates become the cause of error 429. Restoring your system to an earlier point can resolve the problem. Follow the steps given below to restore your system to an earlier point: