Fix Windows Specific Runtime Error 429 in Windows xp, Vista, 7

Error 429 is Windows specific runtime error. It normally occurs when a user tries to open ActiveX dependent pages. This error may also occur when a users load an application.

Solutions to Runtime error 429: “ActiveX component can’t create object”

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Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP

Properly install Windows Script

Microsoft Windows Script Host use Windows Script File (WSF). This file works to mix scripting languages. It has been observed in most cases that incomplete Windows Script installation or uninstall cause error 429. Therefore, everybody needs to install Windows Script properly, otherwise it would create errors.

Follow the below mentioned procedure to do so:

Repair File Information of Windows Script in Registry:

One reason of error 429 for Windows 7 is corrupt, deleted or broken file information of Windows Script in Registry. You are required to repair file information of Windows Script in Registry. Registry Cleaner software is the only way to resolve this issue.

Follow the steps given below to do so:

Register the Concerned File Properly:

It has been observed in many cases that error description specifies a particular file name. In this condition it is possible that this particular file is not registered properly in Registry database. You are required to re-register the concerned file properly with the help of Command Prompt.

Follow the procedure given below to do so:

Reset Internet Explorer (IE) Settings:

Resetting internet settings can resolve Windows 7 error 429. You are required to follow the procedure given below to reset internet settings.

Restore System

Windows system restore option can fix error-429 Windows 7. You need to follow the below mentioned steps to restore system to an earlier point.

Repair System Files

In some cases system files would become corrupt. Repairing system files can fix Error 429. Apply below mentioned procedure to do so: